Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2010

I Love Headbands!

Hey, It's me again.
I would like to apologized for my absence during the last few days. After the last medicine test, I had lot things to do. Above all...Shopping!!! :) such a long period,where I hadn't shopped. And what should I say....I spent to much, but It was worth :)
Tomorrow I will show you some new pieces from my clothes collection.
Now, I want to show you a few headbands and hair accessories,which I usually wear everyday (one of them ^^), especially when I dress casually. They give your style a little bit of glamour or the final touch.

hope you like it. Kisses from cologne

Oh, I love bows,glitter,feathers,flowers and more on my head :D


  1. Wow, was für eine tolle Kollektion an Haarbändern!! Super schön. Habe heute auch ein bißchen Belohnungsshoppen betrieben und mir noch ein Haarband gekauft. Bis ich bei dir mithalten kann dauert es jedoch noch :)
    Liebe Grüße
    P.S.: Ja, Primark ist wirklich für manche Sachen super