Samstag, 6. Februar 2010

Saturnight, Cologne....and which one should I take?


It's Saturdaynight and I'm not going out :) it's ok...I'm pretty exhausted by the day and besides next week it's Karneval in Cologne. From Thursday (Weiberfastnacht) to next Wednesday the whole City is going crazy. There are other Cities in Germany,which celebrate these days too, but after all, the Karneval in Cologne it's the best city to celebrate. The people here are so unbelievable nice and friendly (if you know, where to celebrate with your friends) .
I've moved to cologne,because of my study. Originally I'm from a smaller City between the Ruhrarea and Münster. In a very conservative city. I still really love my hometome and nevertheless, after such a long time living in Cologne, my "home" is still at "home". There are my parents and my brother, who i really love so much.
But anyway. I'm enjoying to live in Cologne. It's such a multicultural City. You can find quite every nation. And it is normal if you walk along the streets that you can hear more than just one language.
The "Kölner" (this is how the cologne citizen called) are very open and pretty individual. Like I said, they are so friendly and nice. If you are alone in a Club, Café, Restaurant or something else, It's never taking longer than 5min and you got someone to talk to. If you are not in the mood to talk, you just have to say in a polite way that you want to take your time alone, and everything is ok.
They got there own style, which I really love.
In the next days I will show you some costumes of me, which I'm going to wear on Karneval. For those, who are not knowing,what Karneval's like Halloween, but its for 5 days (the main time of Karneval) and your costumes needn't be scary...Funny,nice, sexy ...everything is allowed.

Oh by the way...could anyone help me with my decision? I bought 4 pair of sneakers. Just in a different colour. Now, I think that I should give one pair back, but I can't decide which one.

Which one should you take and which one would you bring back?!


lots of regards


  1. I love the black, white and blue. So I guess gray is the one to be brought back. xoxo

  2. nice pair of shoes lol if it is free i will take both why i have to bring back

  3. Thanks for your decision-help ^^. But I still don't know.
    Of course I want to take all of them, but 4 Pair of the same style?!!?!?
    I've spent so much money the last weeks,so for my conscience it would be better,if i bringt back just one pair.

    @fashiondoll klarrrrrrrrr wenn ich nicht schon arm bin ^

  4. grau und weiß behalten.. die lassen sich super kombinieren. schwarz is langweilig und blau schwer ins outfit einzubinden ;)