Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2010


Hallo aus Köln
yes, Ich habe es hinter mir :)

Finally I passed all my tests for this semester and after the last test. My friend and I went to the "old-city" in Cologne. We both didn't have enough money to spent(well it's the end of the month^^) Well, I already bought so many things and I spent so much for my carneval-costume and while my learning month,I couldn't work to earn money and I wouldn't like to ask my parents for, to give me money, for my amusement or buy clothes. They give me so much so...thats enough :).
We just decided to walk around and do windows-shopping :)
For that I wore black skirt, petrol turtelneck, black cardigan, black blazer, a nice petrol hat,black shiny shoes(which look like men shoes ^^), check tights and overknees.
It was so dammmmmned cold, but I 'm so nerved by the weather...

bad weather does not mean, bad style :D

Hope you like it :)

skirt: Boss black
turtelneck: H&M
cardigan: Kookai
belt: H&M

shoes: vintage
scarf: well, I cut off the logo, and now, I forget the label ^^

Dienstag, 26. Januar 2010

Spring/ Summer 2010!

Hey guys,

how the summerfashion 2010 should be? In the last few weeks a lot fashionlabels showed us, how the summer fashion 2010 should look like.
Having looked at a lot of fashion show pictures I think the next trends will be....

Colour: white, off white, light colours, khaki, black, "eyecatcher"colours are: blue and warm red.
Style: Mini!!!! Definitely mini-skirts, volants, short blazers, cut-off-style,one shoulder, "glam-rock",silky material, layer look, "wrapping" look, a lot of lace, feminin
Shoes: High heels, Plateau, wrapping-look.

( I love it!!!)

(want to have)

Montag, 25. Januar 2010

Glam up your style!!!

Hi guys, it's me again,

Sometimes there are days, where you didn't feel so comfortable and you don't want to take to much time to dress you up, so maybe I got an idea for you ....

yesterday I went to a birthdayparty of one of my best friend. She has celebrated in her appartment with just her good friends (round about 20 people). Honestly I didn't feel so good yesterday and I wasn't in the mood to wear a dress or something like that (besides it's still cold here in germany -5°C).And I knew that all the other girls are going to wear dresses (what they did^^). So I decided to wear something different. I just put on a dark slim jeans, black half-boots, a simply white tank top, and a leatherjacket, where I rolled up the sleeves. To glam this style up I put on a lot of glamour and leather bracelets and necklaces, twinkling earrings and for my hair a headband with a big black feather :)
I think, it's look pretty good... cheeky,stylish and still glamorous in a way :)
Hope you like it! xx

Jacket: Boss Black
Tanktop: Esprite
Jeans: Promod
Half-Boots: Vintage from my mum ;)

(from left to right)
1 no name
2 Boss Black
3 Konplott
4 present from mum
5 Boss Black

headband with feather : H&M

Well, I don't know the name of the shop.a small self made factory in cologne. Tomorrow I'll look up for the name.

Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

Fridaynight....Get out and dress up!!!

Hi, it's me again....

yesterday I went out with my best friend. We just did "Bar-Lounge Hopping" :) That means that we went from bar to bar. We get 1 drink and went to the next lounge. I wore black shorts, with a riveting belt, a blouse (baroque style^^), suspenders, antique earrings, thermo tights in black and wonderful black pumps :D We haven't planned to go clubbing, so needn't be overstyled :) and besides it's still pretty cold in germany (almost -1 to -3°C) in the night, so I thought that this was a pretty good style for a lounge-night to get drinks.

Earrings: Vintage

Shorts: H&M
Blouse: Boss
Belt: Guess

I call this style: Glamour-Ba"ROCK" Style :D
Hope you like it!

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010

Café Outfit

Hallo, Ich saß letztens im Café und bin dem nachgegangen,was ich am liebsten im Café tue:Menschen beobachten. Dabei ist mir wieder aufgefallen, wie unterschiedlich Menschen sich dem Wetter stylen. Die einen funktionell, die anderen wettergerecht und die anderen..... stylisch!
Mich hat die Kellnerin dann angesprochen, dass es sie erfreut, zwischen all den Leuten mich mit meinem "frechen Look" zu sehen. Ihr gefiele meine Jacke,was sie nie davor gedacht hätte,aber zu mir würde es einfach passen. Ich fand das Kompliment so nett und als sie ging dachte ich mir,dass es wichtig ist,dass Menschen die Mode tragen und nicht von der Mode getragen werden sollten. Meist sieht man auf den Straßen viele sogenannte "Fashionvictims",die sich von den neusten Trends beeinflussen lassen,die aber gar nicht zu denen passt. Nicht jedem Trend sollte man hinterherlaufen. Die eigene Kreativität macht Mode aus :) Also. Viel Spaß beim lesen!