Montag, 25. Januar 2010

Glam up your style!!!

Hi guys, it's me again,

Sometimes there are days, where you didn't feel so comfortable and you don't want to take to much time to dress you up, so maybe I got an idea for you ....

yesterday I went to a birthdayparty of one of my best friend. She has celebrated in her appartment with just her good friends (round about 20 people). Honestly I didn't feel so good yesterday and I wasn't in the mood to wear a dress or something like that (besides it's still cold here in germany -5°C).And I knew that all the other girls are going to wear dresses (what they did^^). So I decided to wear something different. I just put on a dark slim jeans, black half-boots, a simply white tank top, and a leatherjacket, where I rolled up the sleeves. To glam this style up I put on a lot of glamour and leather bracelets and necklaces, twinkling earrings and for my hair a headband with a big black feather :)
I think, it's look pretty good... cheeky,stylish and still glamorous in a way :)
Hope you like it! xx

Jacket: Boss Black
Tanktop: Esprite
Jeans: Promod
Half-Boots: Vintage from my mum ;)

(from left to right)
1 no name
2 Boss Black
3 Konplott
4 present from mum
5 Boss Black

headband with feather : H&M

Well, I don't know the name of the shop.a small self made factory in cologne. Tomorrow I'll look up for the name.